45: Martha High & Speedometer – I’d Rather Go Blind / No More Heartaches

Brilliant! Legendary Martha High, one of “James Brown’s Funky Divas” is in very safe hands, backed by Speedometer and lends her incredible vocals not only to classic Etta but the massive dance floor stomper on the flip. Few could do justice to Etta – Martha High can as her incredible vocals lift this into the stratosphere. I’m digging that organ too. This single precedes a full length album “Soul Overdue”, which is definitely worth looking forward to. Speedometer take great influence from JB and so are perfectly matched to provide some authentic, tight and funky backing for Martha. Just check “No More heartaches” a real funk dance floor winner. Welcome back Martha High!!


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  1. Martha really shows her vocal abilities on these tracks. Glad to see you succeed on your own. You deserve it!

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