Osaka Monaurail – Live in Spain CD/DVD

Anyone who has seen Japan’s Osaka Monaurail live can testify to their mighty force onstage. Easily one of the best modern funk acts around. And while I pine for a new studio album from them (despite a couple of nice side projects, their last studio album proper was 2006’s excellent “Reality For The People”), this does serve as an excellent showcase of what the band are capable of and a nice memento for fans to take home from a gig. In fact I’d also recommend their first live album, 2005’s “Eyewitness To The…” a powerful set of live grooves.

“Live In Spain” is a CD only album, which may annoy vinylheads, however it comes with a bonus DVD with live performance clips and some nice behind the scenes tour footage too. Together with the CD, a perfect showcase for one of the worlds’ #1 funk bands.

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  1. Wow Kees, you are right, I just searched for this online and it seems to lack distribution in Europe, I hope it gets a release soon – I picked up my copy at a show. If you haven’t got it already, I would highly recommend “Eye Witness To The…”, it really captures the band live.

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